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NCAA Football 12 - Auburn vs. South Carolina


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For those of you who have NCAA 12, play or simulate a game against USCe and post stats and scores! Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this thread, but I'm just really bored and need a break from biochem. I figured it'd liven things up a bit.

Auburn 28 South Carolina 10

The defense bounced back in a big way and kept SCar in check, with a freshman making a huge play to ice it.

Trotter - 7/14, 70 yds, 0 TD 1 INT

Garcia - 14/25, 162 yds, 1 TD 1 INT

Dyer - 23 carries, 155 yards, 3 TDs. (6.7 yards a carry)

Lattimore - 20 carries, 73 yards, 0 TDs

Scoring Summary:

1st Quarter: AUB - Dyer 1 yd run, AUB - Dyer 2 yd run (14 - 0)

2nd Quarter: SCAR - Coffee 27 yd reception, SCAR - Wooten 34 yd FG (14 - 10)

4th Quarter: AUB - Dyer 80 yd run, AUB - Whitehead 19 yd INT-TD (28 - 10)

A little crazy...I hope tomorrow turns out like this! (It probably won't, but I can dream)


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There is absolutely nothing crazy about what happened in the simulation.  :-\

I know I may be seeing through some orange and blue glasses, but I firmly believe that we can win this game tomorrow. With Garcia so hit and miss (mostly miss) with how he plays, I think we can sell out to stop Lattimore and make Garcia beat up.

It was good to see people play well least week, for example the interceptions by Whitehead and Holland. Both were pretty good defensive plays. Holland dropped back into coverage well, and Whitehead just flat out made a great play by jumping that route.

I think the defense makes another stride going forward. And with Kiehl Frazier getting more snaps and Dyer getting more touches tomorrow, I think our offense looks as good as it has all year.

AU: 34 SCAR 30.

Thanks for the Info and it is interesting that NCAA '12 simulation has Auburn winning  :thumbsup:


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