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My breakdown of the 2013 class


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I know that it is a little bit late to talk about the 2013 class but I waited to post my analysis of this class after I was able to see more film and more senior highlights. I will break down each players pros and cons and give you where I think they will end up on the depth chart for the next few seasons, and how quickly I believe they will produce.

1st. no other way to start than with the fan favorite a Defensive End from Alpharetta Ga. Carl Lawson. He has one of the most quick first steps seen in a while. His senior year alone he had 27 sacks let me say that again 27 sacks. Now let me put that in perspective for you auburn as a team had 22 all year last year. Carl will be thrust immediately into action for sure in third downs to bring pressure off the edge. Now it makes even more since that they are moving K. Carter to end this spring, because they can let him play the run on first and sometimes second down and then bring in Lawson to rush the passer along with Ford. Now its time for the cons Lawson can have trouble at times with using his hands when he is in his left hand stance he sometimes lets his opponent into his body too much. here is Lawson's senior tape http://www.hudl.com/...lights/17337411

2. Next is Montravius Adams this 6 foot 3 inch 300 pound athlete is exactly that, playing defensive tackle offensive tackle and even punter for his High school team. Adams has exceptional burst for some one his size. In my opinion he was clearly the best Defensive tackle in the nation last year due to his instincts and quickness for someone his size. The negatives though are his competition which is not even his fault. Then he went to the Under armor all american game I wanted to see how he did against people his size but before I could get a real idea of how he could do consistently against great competition he got injured which is another con that you cant really hold against him. big men that hurt their ankles can be a pain to heal due to them having to hold so much weight. I actually do not see Adams making a push for much playing time this season with so many upper class men and the addition to Bradley I just see to many names in front of Adams that will have been there so much longer and know the play book better than him. I think a red shirt year for Adams can really put him in a great position by preparing him for the sec type of lineman and letting him get into his playbook which will allow him to play even faster when his time does come. here are Adam's junior film

3. I might as well continue with the defensive line next is Elijah Daniel. As everyone knows auburn basically traded Tashawn Bower for Daniel which in my opinion is a very good trade while bower had his upside Daniel has the pure raw talent to be one of the best in the southeast with good coaching and a couple years to learn what the sec is all about. Watch out for Daniel in two seasons I expect him to break out as long as he can stay in school and out of trouble. I see him taking a red shirt season to learn under all of the upper class men. Daniel also seems to be very good against the run and brings a physical type of rusher to the edge.here is his tape http://www.hudl.com/...lights/26440980

4. Now on to Jason Smith this guy has to be one of the most under rated players I have seen in this class which is crazy because he is a four star on every site I believe Smith was the leader and QB of his team in HS Smith is one of those players that makes everyone on his team better. Smith can be a leader on the field and off. Smith has natural hands and will be moved to slot receiver in college. Smith has the ability to make everything he does look easy. cons for smith are the fact that he wants to play qb in college which is where he will spend his first couple weeks in auburn trying to play. eventually though he will be moved and will excel very quickly. another con for smith is the fact that Bray and Reed are in front of him but honestly I can see Smith fighting off the red shirt and possible moving to second string at that position beating out Reed. here are some of smiths highlights http://www.hudl.com/...lights/26440980

5. Tony Stevens is next Stevens is a very interesting prospect. he is a wide receiver he stands at 6 foot 3 inches tall. he makes plays that will wow you but I am not sure how consistent he is he didn't put up the best numbers in High school but then again we wasn't on the best team. his pros are his size leaping ability and the way he finishes his catches by ripping the ball away from everyone else.

his cons are sometime he can catch the ball with his body and I am not sold on him as a blocker yet. I expect Stevens to impress people with his leaping ability and I see him as a Sammie Coates 2.0 I do see Stevens getting some playing time this season but mainly in the fourth quarter in mop up duty. tape

6. next on the list is Jonathan Ford this is a guy that auburn stole from Vanderbilt late in the recruiting season. Ford played at New Hope and did pretty well. He is a speed guy like O mac but he is a little bit slower. Ford does have the ability to run inside a little bit better and has much better balance than O mac had. Ford will red shirt unless Grant gets injured during the season. I believe ford is a good back but I honestly never see him touching the field that much. cons are his competition and I am not sold on his ability to make someone miss if he cant just run by him because in High school he was always able to run right by everyone else.

7. Jeremy Johnson Is there a better QB recruit that would fit Malzahn's system I think not this is auburn's QB of the future and I fully expect Johnson to be a leader and take control of this team by his red shirt sophomore season. yes I said red shirt sophomore season because as much as I love Johnson's cannon for an arm and outstanding mobility I still think that the SEC is no place for true freshman Quarterbacks. I expect Johnson to red shirt his first year and come back the next season and compete with Frazier and Marshall for the starting spot. cons for Johnson are very small things in High school you can see Johnson simply read one receiver the entire play and then try and force the throw which can't happen in the SEC as soon as Malzahn has an extended period of time to work with him he can really be an elite quarterback in this league. tape http://www.hudl.com/...lights/35612393

8. Cameron Toney a MLB from Huntsville Toney will red shirt this season and I honestly don't see him making it into the starting rotation during his career Toney has division one size but I believe he is lacking the lateral speed and coverage skills to start for ellis johnson, but Toney does hustle and was extremely loyal during his entire recruitment he is a great person and I can see him being a leader in the locker room his entire career and I really hope he proves me wrong when it is his turn to shine. tape http://www.hudl.com/...lights/35255417

9. Nick Marshall is a very interesting prospect he went to Georgia out of high school and they moved him to corner even though Marshall wanted to play quarterback so Marshall goes to Juco and does pretty well he does throw to many picks in Juco but he has the ability to run the option and fit into malzahn's offense easily he has a cannon for an arm and if worst comes to worst and Marshall does get beat out by someone auburn can move him to corner and Nick will have to recognize that his QB dreams have come to an end. But I believe that Nick Marshall is going to be auburn's starting Quarter back for the next to seasons and is going to drive us all crazy because for every time Marshall does something crazy he will do something that will make us scratch our heads and say why did he do that. Marshall only has two years to play and is 6 foot 2 inches and 205 pounds. http://www.hudl.com/...0/nick-marshall

10. Khari Harding is a player that was extremely under valued and under recruited Harding is a playmaker. no doubt about it Harding seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Harding has speed but it is deceptive speed he looks like he is not even trying to run hard yet runs past everyone else on the field. Harding hits with the best of them he is 6 foot 1 inch and 205 pounds and hit like a mac truck. Harding also has a mean streak about him which I love and I honestly can see Harding making his way into the starting rotation late into the season if he is able to grasp the playbook. If he does not play this year though watch out next year because this kid is a killer. http://www.hudl.com/...lights/23693377

11. Peyton Barber is one of my favorite players in this class he is big strong and just fast enough to take it the distance his senior tape is as good as anyones. He is very reliable and is a great downhill runner. he reminds me a ton of Ben Tate and he played tough competition in Georgia. cons are his o line was amazing but still Barber did things that no other back could do. I expect Barber to really fight during the fall camp but I think he will fall to Cameron Artis Payne. It kills me to say this but I see Barber getting a red shirt and not getting a chance until Payne is gone since they are such similar type players. but he really reminds me of Ronnie Brown. http://www.hudl.com/...lights/25049380

12. Earnest Robinson is a pretty good receiver from pinson valley he is a great route runner and has really good hands Robinson is not the fastest or the best in space but is very consistent and reliable. I can see Robinson making it into the line up this season and gaining some valuable experience from some early playing time. tape http://www.hudl.com/...hlights/1697189

13. Kenny Flowers is a MLB from Hutchinson Community College. He will come in and compete for the MLB spot beside frost I believe and I honestly think he will win it. this kid has it all he can run hit and cover extremely well and he sheds blocks and sees the play develop very quick. he rarely over runs the play and he has a nose for the ball Flowers only con to me is that he only has two years left. Flowers it the one player in this class I see starting immediately and becoming an impact player the minute he puts on his cleats and hits the field. tape http://www.hudl.com/...lights/10472378

14. Brandon King is a big strong and fast safety King isn't the best coverage safety but with some good coaching he could improve quickly King has all the tools to be a really good player but it is honestly up to our staff to develop him. Kings weakness has to be over running the play sometime he is in such a hurry he can over run the play leaving a large cut back lane for the ball carrier. http://www.hudl.com/...33/brandon-king

15. Makenro Alexander man if only we could have gotten his brother too. but I think auburn got a good player in Makenro he fits into the star position extremely well and can provide valuable depth. if Alexander continues to work hard I can see him playing on special teams and maybe even starting as a junior or senior. Alexander played against some great competition and not only held his own but excelled and made game changing plays. If Alexander can get up about 210 pounds watch out. he is currently 6 foot 186 pounds. tape http://www.hudl.com/...kenro-alexander

16. Kamyrn Melton is another under valued player in this class he is extremely quick very instinctive and plays with a mean streak. Melton is a game changer weather its in the return game offense or defense this corner reminds me a lot of Tyran Mathieu. I expect Melton to compete for starting punt returner this season and to take jonathan jones spot as second string corner beside Hosley. tapehttp://www.hudl.com/...lights/33680407

17. Deon Mix was a late addition to this class he is a Guard who will red shirt no matter what. Mix will probably contribute one day but I see it being later rather than sooner. I think it will take him at least three or four years before he earns a spot but it could be as few as two years Mix is a strong kid from a good school and I expect him to help auburn recruit from south ponola eventually. tape

18. Dominic Walker is a 6 foot 2 inch Wr from Evans high school in Florida and is the team mate of tony stevens on this list Walker is more of a possession receiver and is a little better blocker than stevens I see Walker and Robinson competing for the same spot and I see Robinson winning it causing Walker to red shirt.

19. Marcus Davis is a Ath from American Heratige in Delray Beach Fla. he is extremely fast and is a back up plan if smith doesn't work at the slot Davis will add quality depth at the slot position when Bray and Reed leave in a couple of years and will get a chance to earn playing time immediately by trying for the punt returner spot which remains wide open. if Davis does play this year I expect it to be on Special teams. and dont rule out him playing corner I think he could make the switch pretty easily. http://www.hudl.com/...77/marcus-davis

20. Daniel Carlson is a Great kicker and has an amazing leg he will red shirt and take over when parkey is done.

21. Cameron Artis-Payne is a downhill running back who runs with a purpose he might not have the top end speed that you want but he gets it done in between the tackles. I expect CAP to get plenty of carries as He Mason and Grant are a three headed monster all season. Payne only has two years of eligibility and could go pro after this season if he performs the way I think he will. tape http://www.hudl.com/...lights/34067392

22. Devonte Danzey is a guard from Hutchinson C.C. he has the ability to man handle people but I am not sure how great of a puller he is this is huge for Malzahns offense which pulls the guards quite a bit. Danzey has good hips and is a decent pass blocker I expect Danzey to compete for playing time immediately but I honestly see him losing to Kozan or diamond. tape http://www.hudl.com/...lights/10352375

23. Ben Bradley is another player from Hutchinson C.C. he is a big boy and I don't think he starts this season but I do see him as maybe a contributor as a second string player Bradley has the potential to be good but I don't think he got to campus in very good shape I believe if he wants to beat out Blackson Whitaker or Wright he better step it up in Fall camp and raise some eyebrows. http://www.hudl.com/...enjamin-bradley

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Thanks, for all the effort ... (if brave enough) this prognostication would make for an interesting time-capsule.

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yea it will be fun to look at a season or two down the road! and if anyone differs in their opinion I would really enjoy discussing and hearing it. As well as if you have a problem with it go ahead and call me out I wanna hear what everyone has to say.

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