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James E Martin Aquatics Center


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I get that swimming is not a money sport. Despite that we have been terribly proud of our now receding swim program for its past success. I spent the weekend on The Lovliest Village at the aquatics center. This is/was a world class facility of which I have been extremely proud. It is in pretty shabby shape today. It appears to have been left to people who have no care for the facilities, but use it endlessly. Our Championship banners have been fading for some time now and the oldest ones are in embarrassing shape. There are two large "AUBURN" and "TIGERS" banners on either side of the diving towers. One of these has been allowed to hang with a top corner folding over and covering most of the upper part of the banner. The painted lane lines on the bottom of the pool have worn and faded to the point of non-existence in some places as is the paint on the bottom of the diving well. It's embarrassing! The pool deck is dingy and worn. The tiled AUBURN on the deck is faded and dingy and dirty appearing. The lockers in the locker room are rusting as well as the mirror hanging over the cheap, pressed wood, warping laminated sinks. It looks like a poorly kept 40 year old YMCA.

As our Championship years fade into the past, our facility is being allowed to rot in front of our very eyes. It's a shame.

Where do I send a letter?

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Sad to hear the facility has been allowed to deteriorate. We are spending money to get a good new coach with an Auburn background...but as we know from most other sports in college...you must have the facilities too. If it were me, I would write the Coach....it's his job to run the program and he should have the first opportunity to see about making things right.

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RR...just so you know, in a normal business you go directly to the person in charge with a complaint or problem...not his boss. The Swimming and Diving program has 7 coaches plus who knows how many other staff aids. The issues described in the OP were mostly housekeeping type stuff the staff and maintenance crew should be dealing with. Seems like the coaches and staff should be taking pride in the appearance of the place and I would not go tattling to their boss until I gave them a chance to respond and take action. JMO but this isn't JJ's problem except that the coaches might not be doing their jobs.

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It's been said time and again that David Marsh left because JJ wouldn't deliver on promises about minor improvements. Yes, it's up to the coach to see about things but ultimately the money for maintenance would have to come from the AD's budget.

I'm left to wonder if we lost the most successful college coach in the history of the State of Alabama because of a few buckets of paint?

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Only one I know of is Tyler McGillAug. 8, 2013AUBURN, Ala. - Former Tiger swimming great and 15-time All-American Tyler McGill has been named the newest assistant coach for the Auburn men's swimming and diving team as announced by head coach Brett Hawke earlier this week

Auburn Swimming & Diving Coaching Staff 8143121.jpeg9059957.jpeg8143315.jpeg8142931.jpegBrett Hawke

Head Men's and Women's

Swimming & Diving Coach

hawkebr@auburn.edu John Hargis

Associate Head Coach Jeff Shaffer

Head Diving Coach

shaffjs@auburn.edu Demerae Christianson Assistant Coach dlc0021@auburn.edu 9124155.jpeg8146236.jpeg

Tyler McGill

Assistant Coach

mcgilty@auburn.edu Bryan Karkoska

Strength & Conditioning Coach


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