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In some ways, this is worse than his sexual assault language


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It's definitely more gross and more creepy.

Trump to Stern in 2004: OK to call daughter Ivanka a 'piece of ass'

Donald Trump had no objection to Howard Stern describing daughter Ivanka as a 'piece of ass' in a September 2004 interview unearthed by CNN.

The CNN report, published Saturday, came as Trump's campaign reels from the Friday release of a 2005 recording in which the real estate mogul graphically discusses groping women.

The exchange about Ivanka Trump was one of many frank discussions about sex CNN found Trump had with Stern, the well-known shock jock, over the course of 17 years.

In the September 2004 chat, Trump mentions daughter Ivanka, prompting Stern to interject "by the way, your daughter."

"She's beautiful," Trump says.

"Can I say this? A piece of a--," Stern responds.

"Yeah," Trump says.

"Boy, I would back up the Brinks truck," Stern adds. Trump goes on to note that his daughter was "a very successful model," who later attended the Wharton School and was preparing to join her father's business.

In another interview CNN found from 2006, Trump is asked by Stern if his daughter had gotten breast implants, to which he replies she hadn't.

"She's actually always been very voluptuous," Trump says...



Talking about being able to do anything you want to a woman because you're a star, or just kissing them without being asked or wanted, or grabbing them by the (crotch) is revolting and disturbing enough.  It's the language of a sexual predator and goes far beyond mere "locker room" talk about a good looking girl.  But what sort of disgusting creep talks about (or permits another man in his presence to talk about) his daughter like this?

And further more, what sort of cretin continues to support a man like this for higher office?

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From the Weekly Standard:

SESSIONS: This was very improper language, and (Trump has) acknowledged that.

TWS: But beyond the language, would you characterize the behavior described in that (video) as sexual assault if that behavior actually took place?

SESSIONS: I don't characterize that as sexual assault. I think that's a stretch. I don't know what he meant—

TWS: So if you grab a woman by the genitals, that's not sexual assault?

SESSIONS: I don't know. It's not clear that he—how that would occur.

On Monday night, Sessions said the characterization of his comments were "completely inaccurate."

"My hesitation was based solely on confusion of the contents of the 2005 tape and the hypothetical posed by the reporter, which was asked in a chaotic post-debate environment," Sessions said in a written statement provided to AL.com. "I regret that it resulted in an inaccurate article that misrepresented my views.

"Of course it is crystal clear that assault is unacceptable. I would never intentionally suggest otherwise," Sessions added.

This is what happens when you endorse a tar baby like Donald. You get tar on you.

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I detest nearly all politicians in this state. It is entertaining to watch sessions fumble around and make a bigger ass of himself than Shelby. If that is possible. 

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Me either, but I agree with Martha. She nailed it.

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