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‘Twas the days after the Iron Bowl ...


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'Twas the days after Iron Bowl
And all through the South
'Bama fans were silent
Not running their mouth

The TP was hung from the Live Oaks with care
Everyone knew, the Tigers were there
The tide headed home, scratching their heads
As 'bama fans weeped, crying in bed

But on 85 North, there rose a great clatter
The Tigers were coming to settle a matter
Georgia rejoiced, they won the East
But everyone knows, the West is the beast

Next stop for the Tigers is ole ATL
For UGA fans, all is not well
Last time they met, them dawgs didn't hunt
They were ranked #1, but that was a stunt

Everyone said, "Fromm was the man"
But after the game, all you heard was WAR DAMN!
Chubb got stuffed, Michel was cut down
And come Saturday, ATL will be Auburn's town

But until that day comes, here on the Plains
Tiger fans yell and scream out great names
On Stidham, on Johnson, on Hastings, all quick...
One face was priceless......the face of ole Nick


[via Preston Pearson]


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2 hours ago, wenpat09 said:

Credit: Richard Silvano, mechanical engineering student @ Auburn University.

It was sent in by Preston Pearson?

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