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Summing-up AU Deficiencies vs Oregon


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13 hours ago, Auctoritas said:


I believe the other team can choose to enforce a 5 yard penalty and force a re-kick. Or can take a 5 yard penalty from spot it went out of bounds.



ARTICLE 1. Kicking Team

If a free kick goes out of bounds between the goal lines untouched by an inbounds player of Team B, it is a foul. (A.R. 6-2-1:I-II) (A.R. 4-2-1:III)

Live-ball foul. Five yards from the previous spot; or five yards from the spot where the subsequent dead ball belongs to Team B; or the receiving team may put the ball in play 30 yards beyond Team A’s restraining line at the hash mark [S19].


Thanks for the clarification. Wasn't sure. We took the best option of squib kick, just didn't cover it very well.

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