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Kay Ivey Commercial, for Alabama, this could be the best commercial ever.

DKW 86

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I am no Kay Ivey fan really, but she is likely the best of the candidates likely to win the governor's race. And this is such a good commercial, I had disinterested family members calling me up and talking about how much they liked it. If someone had asked me to make her a commercial this is what I would have pitched. She says nothing controversial, but uses an old "Southernism" to make a great humorous point. 



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Well, bless her heart.  

Bad governor for one of our Third World States chirping up.

And even in her silence, still says nothing.

Alabama really is reflected in Auburn's BOT

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I would argue but you are not wrong. But she is likely the least crazy of the very very few that can get elected in Alabama.

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No Bible visible on the table, no mention of family or Christian values, and Ivey didn't even pull out a gun  and blow a hole through the roof. 

1/10- bad commercial..can't even tell if she's conservative or not.

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On 2/15/2022 at 11:12 PM, DKW 86 said:

It aint funny if it aint true...sadly.

And it's funny, so...

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Kay Ivey makes cringe in much the same way as callers to The Finebaum show….Surely people know Alabama is more and better…..and then we have Mo Brooks.

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