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'It does not feel like justice': Teen takes plea deal in killing of girl over sweet-and-sour sauce


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WASHINGTON - The mother of a teenage girl who was killed outside a D.C. fast-food restaurant last summer following a dispute over sweet-and-sour sauce is outraged after her daughter's killer will likely spend less than six years in a youth detention center.

The deadly stabbing that happened on August 27 outside a McDonalds restaurant near 14th and U Streets in northwest Washington left 16-year-old Naima Liggon dead.

A 16-year-old girl was arrested and charged in connection with the killing. The teen's trial for first-degree murder was scheduled to begin Monday. But before it began, a deal was made with prosecutors.

Under the deal, the teen pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges as a juvenile. The maximum penalty will keep her incarcerated in a juvenile detention center until her 21st birthday.

FOX 5 spoke with Naima's mother, Joy Liggon, who said the family's position was that they wanted to go to trial for first-degree murder.

"What I can tell you is that it does not feel like justice that the person that took our daughter is going to be – possibly, at the maximum - in a detention center for five and a half years. It seems like it should be more than that," Liggon said.

The teen is scheduled to be sentenced next month.



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