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Good Comments on Neville Arena

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Auburn fans and Neville Arena make big impression on TV commentator.



_ant4561© Provided by Auburn Daily on FanNation

Heading into last night's game, Auburn had lost three in a row to the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

The Tigers finally ended the losing streak to Nate Oats and the Crimson Tide, taking down Alabama 99-81 in blowout fashion. One of the reasons Auburn was able to beat an excellent Alabama team was thanks to a rowdy environment in Neville Arena. The sound was ear-piercing, making it hard for Alabama to make their three-point shots and take care of the basketball. 

Jimmy Dykes who was calling the game was incredibly impressed with the atmosphere in Neville Arena. He, of course, has called games many times in Neville Arena and other areas across the SEC and all of college basketball. 

Dykes has been all over, so you know his opinion means a lot when it comes to ranking atmospheres. He had this to say about Neville Arena after last night's win over Alabama, "16 hours later... my ears are still ringing. The @AUJungle is just different than any other student section in CBB. Not a tougher environment in all of CBB right now." 

That is some high praise from an analyst who has called games in some of the most historic venues in college basketball. 

Auburn won this game thanks to incredible play from Jaylin Williams and Johni Broome, who combined to score 50 points. The narrative of "Auburn can't win Quad 1 games" is now dead, as the Tiger's last two wins were both Quad 1 victories. Auburn is one of the best teams in college basketball, and the metrics back that statement. 


College basketball analyst commends the atmosphere at Neville Arena against Alabama (msn.com)

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That's a lot of words to highlight a single quote from the game commentator, but I'll take it.

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