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Auburn's reason to smile


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AUBURN -- When Tristan Davis was tackled after one of his eight carries Saturday at Kentucky, the redshirt freshman was so exhausted that he curled up into a fetal position as if he wanted to take a nap.

When the other running backs watched the play on game film, they broke out into hysterical laughter. Kenny Irons was in stitches as he relayed the story to reporters Sunday night.

"He ran out of gas," Irons giggled. "He only had eight carries, and he's already in the training room."


Boo yah Kasha!

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Good read thanks for the post.

"You can't be selfish," Irons said. "That's not how football is played. I'm not a selfish player. I'm a team player. I'm glad Brad is com ing back. It's just exciting to see Brad coming back on the field."

I think this quote speaks volumes about Kenny, he understands he cannot be selfish back there as long as we keep recruiting kids like these it will not matter who we have in the backfield Irons & Lester, Davis, Smith or Stewart we will be successful. Just another reason its great to be an Auburn Tiger!

War Damn Eagle!

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