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War Eagle Ya'll


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I just wanna say War Eagle to Dkw and the mods of this board for giving us a place to discuss Auburn football with the rest of the family and I love every single one of you. Its GREAT TO BE A AUBURN TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this University, its fans, its faculty, its students............ from the smallest to the largest. Its just a great thing to be a part of.

This was my last Iron Bowl and football season as a student and it is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I am so glad that I will be earning my degees from Auburn and it is something special. I went to Texas before transfering after a rough time after my farther passed away, who was a Auburn Alumni, and I am so proud to carry on the family tradition and just hope that I have a child one day who attends Auburn.

I ordered my class ring and will graduate this summer and I am just busting with pride ya'll. That academic ring from Auburn is so much important than a NC ring. My years at Auburn, involed with my fellow students, faculty, alumni, and those of you with this board will be something that I cherish for the rest of my life. On my death bed I will look back with pride and accomplishment to call my self your brother, your family, a Auburn Tiger and smile........... I could not ask for more. I hope with my degree that I benifit both those of the Auburn family and those of the Alabama family, making life better for both of us.

God Bless every single one of you and War Eagle.

To the Bama fans, thank you for making these two institutes a thing of pride, and do NOT hang your heads. It is glorious that both our Universities have passion and pride. There are those in life that will not ever find or have the passion that we feel toward our respective schools. It is truely glorious no matter if you wear the Orange and Blue or the Crimson and Cream.

Lord I have drank too much and sound sappy as hell, but if I could not share this with my Auburn brothers/sisters and my rivals at Alabama then it would not be worth a flip. I know that the Alabama fans respect my love, loyalty, and pride in my University as I respect theirs.

So War Eagle and Roll Tide............. cause this rivalry does make a man or woman feel alive! and while we jest and kid our Alabama, and they jest and kid us, brethren I do with every single one of you wish a happy, productive, and fullfilling life, no matter what flag you fly. Through the years both of us will celebrate and both of us will cry.............. but neither of us will ever be ashamed because these two universities make us feel alive, something many may never feel in their lives.

Lord its a great thing to be Auburn Tiger and be a part of it, and its great to be part of this rivalry.

Again, God bless the Auburn family and bless the Alabama family.

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Congrats! What is your degree in?

BTW, Welcome to out little club. Being a fan is a great part of so many lives. But going on to get a degree from :au: makes the ties just a bit deeper.

Congrats on on going 4-0 while at :au: too!

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So War Eagle and Roll Tide............. cause this rivalry does make a man or woman feel alive!

It sure does!


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