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Interesting Take on the Big 3


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We've had numerous discussions on who our "biggest" rivals are, and in which order.

People have many different opinions based on what state they are from, where they currently live, etc...

It also depends on how you define rivalry. Does rivalry mean most important game? Does rivalry mean the one game you want to win each year? The one game you have to win each year?

Anyways, I was reading ITAT just a moment ago and found a post where the last sentence struck me as a good way to sum up to friends, family, and rivals how these games relate to each other.

This was at the end of a paragraph describing the Alabama rivalry to a UGA fan and thought it deserved to be shared over here.

LSU is more important, GA is more fun but Bama is the season.

I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

Here is the rest of a paragraph if anybody wants to read it...it was written by Para312.

You would really have to live here to understand. On TV, the Radio, the newspaper its Auburn vs Bama every day. If you wear an Auburn shirt out jogging and one of your neighbors is cutting his grass he'll make a smart comment. It isn't fun and it isn't healthy but it really is the most intense rivalry in American sport. Auburn vs Georgia is something, we talk trash and lay a little smack, but its just a game. The Iron Bowl isn't. If you lose it is 365 days of every time you put on your schools colors you'll have someone you don't know lord it over you. Many friends have agreements not to talk about it at all because folks realize that it is hard to not get angry. Kind of strange but there it is. At Alabama's media days both of their players talked about Auburn. You don't get that from GA/Gtech. Different animal. If we beat them 50 years in a row it would still be the biggest game of the year. LSU is more important, GA is more fun but Bama is the season.
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I think he hit the nail on the head. That pretty much sums it all up. LSU never has the fun of the Georgia or Bama game. It is strictly business.

Georgia is probably the most fun rivalry I witness because I have relatives that are Georgia fans and the phone calls after the scores to yell "War Eagle" makes it fun.

Alabama I just hate. The thought hearing them talk about a win all year long gets me angry. obviously not healthy. But I still love to hate them making it all worth it.

Personally, I feel that the rivalries in the SEC make us different than any other conference...in a good way. Football season is the best time of the year for that reason.

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That was really a perfect description.

:lsu: -Business, handle it or you are the also ran.

:uga: -Maybe the Best Rivalry anywhere. Little bitterness, little bad blood. Good example of football for the most part.

:ua: - Bitterest and getting very much worse over time.

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