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Good article about Kenny Irons


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"I'm more experienced, more mature, ready to help us win a lot of games this year," Irons said. "(Last year) I wasn't sure if I messed up if I'd be able to stay in the game. My blocking wasn't really great. But now I'm more confident in my blocking and everything else."....

Irons said he sees some benefit to not starting immediately.

"It gave me the opportunity to see how the game was played," Irons said. "I hadn't been on the field in two years. Just watching how everybody else performed and the tempo and the speed of the game and how quickly momentum changes, it made me realize what I had to keep doing."

So, with a new season on the horizon, Irons has nothing more to prove.

The team realizes that, fellow running back Brad Lester said. But he hasn't seen a change in Irons' demeanor.

"From the way he practices, it looks like he's got a lot more to accomplish and it looks like he's trying to work harder to get where he needs to get," Lester said.


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