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Dogs plan more for Tereshinski

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Dogs plan more for Tereshinski


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 08/31/06

Athens — As Joe Tereshinski nears his second start, Georgia coach Mark Richt has continued to defend the quarterback's first one.

That game — a 14-10 loss last fall to Florida — was more about the playbook, not the player, Richt has pointed out several times.

"He was outstanding in that game," Richt said. "Some of the things we asked him to do weren't that wise. Sometimes we'll say, 'If you see this look, check to this play,' and usually we're smart enough to get to the right one. But in that particular game, some of the things we asked him to check to, which he did exactly the way we asked him to, were not that good, in hindsight.

"It wasn't Joe's fault we weren't having success. It was more my fault and our coaching staff's fault." WTG CMR!

Tereshinski, for one, doesn't hide behind his statistics from that game: 8-for-21 for 100 yards with an interception.

"I feel like there were plays to be made, still," the fifth-year senior said. "But we didn't execute them the way that they were designed."

This week against Western Kentucky, the design should be much different. Georgia is still going to focus on its running game because at this moment that is the offense's strength.

But the playbook will open a little wider for Tereshinski.

"We are going to have to make the throws, and a quarterback has to make plays in this league, and ultimately Joe is going to have to make them," quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo said. "I feel comfortable that we can call anything in the playbook.

"Now there are certain things that he throws better or doesn't throw as well as the other guys. But that is the same with [former quarterbacks D.J.] Shockley or [David] Greene. Some throws, the guys just don't do as well. It is not suited for his passing game strength. But we still are going to be able to stretch the ball down the field. If we don't, they are going to put eight or nine in the box and walk up and press us outside. We are going to have to stretch the football down the field."

That means the coaching staff not only has to trust Tereshinski's arm, but also his ability to take care of the ball under pressure. With only six offensive linemen available Saturday, there could be some pressure put on Tereshinski.

Tereshinski is all about doing what's asked. That trait is most likely what makes him the best-suited quarterback at this time. He knows how to manage the game called by Richt.

And now, Richt said, he knows Tereshinski can handle more than the conservative plan used against Florida.

"I really feel like I will get the chance to open the offense up a little bit more because [Richt] has been able to learn about me a little more and see me develop into the offense," Tereshinski said. "I feel like I can make the throws and shouldn't hold anything back."

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Rumors have it Richt says one thing on record and quite another off.

Joe T does not have the teams confidence from what I hear.

Cox/Stafford will play

How much of a chance do you think Joe T will get?

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I saw some of a profile of Tereshinski last night (CSS, I think) and let me tell you, I was underwhelmed. He came across to me as just a big, dumb jock. I'm sure he had to have some smarts to get to where he is, but he didn't inspire much confidence in me, either. I certainly don't ever think he will ever find a career in broadcasting...

Nonetheless, :uga: has a pretty easy schedule up until :ut: . I think Tereshinski may play well enough to win the early games, but Coach Richt will have a big decision to make before heading into Knoxville.

Georgia 2006 Football Schedule


SEpt. 9 South Carolina

Sept. 16 UAB


Sept. 30 at Ole Miss




Oct. 28 vs. Florida

Nov. 4 Kentucky

Nov. 11 at Auburn


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