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The media sucks


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Clint Eastwood speaks out against Iraq war.

While he did say he didn't think we should have gone in, it wasn't so much that he is anti-war. But this headline on Yahoo would have you to believe his name is Clint Watada.

Any liberal lie/bent truth to get us to look. and it worked. I was about ready to burn my Outlaw Josey Wales movie.

Clint Eastwood against Iraq war, but admires Bush "tenacity" Fri Feb 9, 12:21 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood has said he opposed the United States' decision to go to war in Iraq but said he admired the "tenacity" of President George W. Bush.


In an interview with Fox News, Eastwood, who has been nominated for a best director Oscar at this month's Academy Awards for World War Two movie "Letters from Iwo Jima", said he was against the US-led 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The United States' goal of trying to impose democracy on Iraq was flawed, the 76-year-old said.

"I wasn't for going in there," Eastwood said. "Only because democracy isn't something that you get overnight. I don't think America got democracy overnight. It's something we had to fight for and believe in."

While other Hollywood celebrities have been outspoken in their criticism of Bush, Eastwood said he admired the US leader's tenacity.

"I think -- you know, I kind of admire the tenacity he has," Eastwood said.

Asked how he though Bush would be remembered, Eastwood replied: "Well, somebody who -- you've got to admire somebody who stands up for what they believe regardless of how the polls go.

"A lot of presidents do everything by the polls. They do a focus group then all of a sudden they say OK, that's what I'm going to be for because that's where focus group is leading me."

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