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Is anyone surprised at this news?


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Anyone other than Bottomfeeder, that is.

Study shows how Hugo Chavez rigged elections in Venezuela

By Alek Boyd

London 22.02.07 | A statistical study done by two Venezuelan scientists, Maria M. Febres Cordero and Bernardo Marquez, has determined that Hugo Chavez alleged victory in the recall referendum of 2004 was unlikely. The reports concludes by saying "the Venezuelan opposition has statistical evidence to reject the official results given by the CNE. The irregularities detected were observed consistently in numerous voting centers and the magnitude of the irregularities imply that the official results do not reflect the intention of voters with statistical confidence."

The report, which has been peer reviewed by the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and the International Statistical Review, has been published in the ISI's website, where a summary can be read. However given the importance of making such a report available to a wider audience I have decided to publish the entire report.

A statistical approach to assess referendum results: The Venezuelan recall referendum 2004

Henceforth the adjective illegitimate can be added to that of dictator, that is to say Hugo Chavez is Venezuela's illegitimately elected dictator.



lPDF Doc

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One day I have to thank Jimmy Carter for permanently making me into a Conservative.

Did anyone really expect Jimmy Carter to not lay down for the socialist dictator. He was in bed with every dictator he could find back in the day, with the exception of Amin. He probably did nothing detrimental to Amin either tho.

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When are they gonna announce that Carter has dementia and Jesse has been pullng the strings all these years?

Carter has become a deeply disturbed man.

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And the left responds.

These orchestrated attacks on Chávez are a travesty

A social revolution is taking place in Venezuela. No wonder the neocons and their friends are determined to discredit it.


A revolution is about to take place and hopefully the Venezuelan people will not only survive, but win.

Darth Vader was told, "The more you tighten your grip, the more people will slip through your fingers."

If you watch closely, you will be able to watch the demise of Hugo Chaves and his "socialist paradise." There is a fairly large resistance movement and I don't expect the Venezuelan people to continue down the path Hugo has in mind for them.

Chavez is clamping down on the press; he is nationalizing all industry; he is threatening jail to anyone who opposes him. Things are beginning to fall apart, so the solution for thugs like Chavez is to just get more control.

Venezuela to seize foreign oil projects


Chavez Gets More Power by Nationalizing

Venezuelas descent into further poverty and dysfunction is assured.


Chávez Threatens to Jail Violators of Price Controls


Things begin to fall apart in Venezuela


Middle classes escape from Chavez Socialism

Middle-class Venezuelans are queuing to leave the country amid fears that its president, Hugo Chavez, is laying the ground for a dictatorship.


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Anyday now, expect Jimmuh Carter to be down there holding Chavez's hand and extolling how virtuous he is to the rest of the world and how oppressive the US is these days as well.

Carter is too predictable.

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