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AU vs. South Carolina - SEC Tournament

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Behind seven strong innings from lefthander Drew Pomeranz, the Ole Miss Rebels defeated South Carolina 3-0 in game number two of the 2010 SEC Tournament.


Meaning, No. 2 seed Auburn will play No. 3 South Carolina tomorrow at 9:30 AM. The loser will be eliminated. Starting pitchers:

AU: Grant Dayton (8-2, 4.61)

SC: Blake Cooper (10-1, 3.08 ERA)

Also note, any one who was stuck in traffic, can use their Session 1 tickets for any remaining game.


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Beat Gamecocks!

Both aces. Should be interesting. I think our bats will be the difference. I don't see us being held down 2 days in a row. Following a loss we usually step it up a notch...

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Andy Bitter posts today's starting lineups...

AUBURN (39-18)

1. RF Justin Fradejas (.354-1-26)

2. CF Trent Mummey (.376-15-45)

3. LF Brian Fletcher (.359-20-70)

4. 1B Hunter Morris (.392-20-67)

5. DH Kevin Patterson (.318-16-31)

6. 3B Dan Gamache (.403-7-34)

7. C Ryan Jenkins (.367-7-37)

8. SS Casey McElroy (.330-6-37)

9. 2B Justin Hargett (.323-2-32)

LHP Grant Dayton (8-2, 4.61 ERA, 56 K, 16 BB)

One change from yesterday: Gamache and McElroy swapped spots.


1. RF Whit Merrifield (.326-12-36)

2. CF Jackie Bradley Jr. (.368-9-43)

3. 1B Christian Walker (.315-6-39)

4. DH Parker Bangs (.286-3-18)

5. 3B Adrian Morales (.280-5-45)

6. LF Adam Matthews (.321-7-29)

7. C Brady Thomas (.337-7-27)

8. SS Bobby Haney (.267-3-21)

9. 2B Scott Wingo (.273-9-28)

RHP Blake Cooper (10-1, 3.08 ERA, 82 K, 29 BB)

Also of note: Auburn will be the visitors today. The Tigers are wearing their blue uniforms.


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Glad its not blacked out on espn3.com today. Got the feed on now. Let's Go TIGERS!!!

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Top 1st

- And we're underway. First pitch 9:38. Frajedas infield pop-up - 1 down.

- Mummey with an outfield fly out - 2 down

The atmosphere here is much more like a regular season game than yesterday's playoff feel. Type of crowd you'd expect for 9:30 a.m. baseball


- Fletcher just hit by a pitch. Stays in the game. Runner on first - 2 outs.

- Morris with an outfield single. Runners on first and second - still 2 outs.

- Patterson flies out to the outfield.

- Tigers strand 2. 0-0 after 1/2 an inning of play.

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Bottom 1st

- Bunt single for SC, runner on 1st - no outs

- Fly out to left field - 1 out, runner on 1st

- Great catch in right by Fradejas - 2 down, runner on 1st

Unreal catch by Justin Fradejas in right field to rob Christian Walker of a sure double. This might be SportsCenter worthy.


- K to end the inning. 1 runner LOB. Score: 0-0 after 1.

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Here is a link for anyone who wants to listen online. It is the Auburn Radio Network coverage.


Click on the "Sports Radio 740 AM - WMSP" Montgomery AL "Listen" tab to get the game.

War Eagle!!! Beat the Cocks!

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Top 2nd

- Gamache flies out to Right - probably would have been a homer in most parks, 1 out

- Jenkins singles to the outfield - runner on first, 1 out

- McElroy reaches first on infield fielders choice - Jenkins out at second, 2 down

- McElroy thrown out stealing

- No score heading to the bottom of the 2nd

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Bottom 2nd

- Simpson replaces Fletcher in left. Fletcher was hit by pitch earlier

- Dayton Ks the first batter, 1 down

- Walks - runner on 1st, 1 down

- Hit batter - runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 down

- Fly out to left, 2 down

- Fly out to end the inning, 0-0 after two innings of play

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Brian Fletcher has been pulled from the lineup. Fletcher got hit by a pitch (on the hand) in the 1st inning. Crede Simpson is now in the outfield.

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tigers get a single from Fradejas, but a double play ends the inning. No score, going to bott. 3rd.

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Top 3rd

- Hargett Ks, 1 down

- Frajedas singles, runner on 1st, 1 down

- Mummey grounds into a double play, 2 down

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Bottom 3rd

- Flyout to the outfield, 1 down

- Double to right - runner on second, 1 down

- Dayton walks a batter - runners on first and second, 1 down

- Infield ground ball, out at second, runners on first and third, 2 down

- Flyout to center ends the inning. Still 0-0 after 3

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Crede Simpson SOLO HOME RUN down the left field line, just inside the foul pole.

Simpson came in the lineup last inning replacing fletcher. OUTSTANDING.

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Top 4th

- Simpson with the HR!!!!! 1-0 Tigers

phpABZiaP150_0180.JPG Justin Hokanson Photo

- Morris singles, runner on first, no outs

- Patterson strikeouts, 1 out

- Gamache flies out on a deep deep shot, 2 outs

- Jenkins flies out, Tigers lead 1-0

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