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The NBA playoffs are starting this weekend. My Minnesota Timberwolves are in good position to get the #1 seed in the West. I don't follow the NBA like I used to, but I still follow my team throughout the season and watch the play off games.

My prediction is Minnesota and Detroit in the finals..

KG for MVP!!!

Anyone else interested in the NBA play offs?

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I like to watch the elimimation games, then, monitor the finals a little If the Mavs are still alive I will probly watch all the finals

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i watch the L like a drug. huge pacer's fan. my boys are gonna sweep out the Cs. i hope detroit gets past the nets (which may not happen, NJ swept them out last year) b/c i want to see the media backpedal when indy beats detroit. seriously. most ignorant stat in the world: detroit's record since the wallace deal is 20-6. really? ya know what indy's record is in the same time? 20-6. and we've been doing it all year. we don't need a headcase to bolster the win total. i can't stand that team.

the west is gonna be awesome though. i love the kings (i feel for webber), but they're done. bottom line they got nobody to match MARQUIS DANIELS. he'll average over 20 a game b/c they got no one who wants to play both ends like he does.

minny will get out of round one, but i dunno bout the finals. dunno. they have the talent, but that would be unreal to never win a playoff series to the finals.

bottom line the west has better teams, but the games in the east will be fun to see too. only series i don't watch is a spurs/pistons final. my finals: indiana and los angeles. mind says LA heart says reggie rides off into the sunset.

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This is about the only time of year that the NBA is watchable.

Kobe pulling 3-pointers out of his ass excepted, there was a lot of uninspired ball down the stretch...Milwaukee could've secured home court for the first round with a win over Toronto at home...oooooops. Sacramento could've won their division (and gotten a playoff date with Houston, a team that they've handled) with a win at Golden State...ooooooops.

There is very little drama in the East...put Indiana, Detroit and New Jersey in a hat and pull one out. The rest of 'em there have no shot.

Dallas-Sacramento should at least be entertaining to watch because both teams lean to offense. The local team here, Houston, turns the ball over WAY too much to beat LA in the playoffs...the teams played even during the season, but this is a whole different scene and the Rockets haven't been there.

As long as the Lakers aren't in the Finals, it's OK.

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Minnesota vs. Denver - Denver just doesn't match Minnesota in experience or talent.. Wolves in 5. You mentioned that it would be unreal(I would agree in most cases) for a team who hasn't won a playoff series go all the way to the finals, but this isn't the same team. Minnesota has 10 new players from last years roster.

Kings vs. Mavs - Neither team can play defense, this series will easily be the highest scoring. Whichever team can score 120 each game will win. I say Kings in 6.

Lakers vs. Rockets - This is going to be an interesting series. I think Yao is the only person in the L who can challenge Shaq. Lakers will be too much.. LA in 6.

Spurs vs. Grizzlies - Spurs are the 2nd most boring team in the L behind the Pistons. They are hella good though.. Spurs in 5.

Pacers vs. Celtics - I have to admit, I didn't pay much attention to the East at all. The teams are weak in my opinion. I do believe the Pacers are the only team who can compete with the top 5 from the West though. Pacers sweep.

Heat vs. Hornets - I have no idea about these teams. Baron Davis got game though.. Hornets in 7.

Pistons vs. Bucks - Pistons with the addition of Sheed will be a much better team in the playoffs than they were last year. Pistons in 5.

Nets vs. Knicks - Half the teams in the East aren't even .500, they have no business in the playoffs and the Knicks are one of them. Nets in 5.

My final: Wolves(yeah, I'm biased but atleast they are good this year) and Pacers. Indiana has a great record against the West teams, which is misleading because they have a losing record against the top 4 teams from the West. Wolves in 6.

That being said, whoever comes out of the West will win. IMO.

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