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Gov. Kasich Signs Sweeping Ohio Budget Moments Before Deadline


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Amazing what a little leadership will do:


I love reading the details on some of these things...why is the federal government giving nearly $1b to Ohio schools in "stimulus" money? There are so many ways to get our fiscal house in order without the sky falling...this president is an abject failure. I found his press conference laughable this week.. accused Congress of procrastination when for 2 years with Dem's owning the House, Senate and WH they couldn't even pass a current year budget...much less conduct major reform. This guy has to go...

I still just shake my head at how this ass-clown (aka, the former community organizer, one term state senator that never voted for or against anything, the former less than one term senator,) got elected in the 1st place.

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Faced with the largest budget shortfall in the state’s history—a product of years of dodging difficult budget problems and an over-reliance on one-time funding—Gov. Kasich proposed a budget to erase an $8 billion shortfall, prevent its recurrence, avoid tax increases, and preserve the $400 million annual income tax cut that went into effect at the beginning of 2011. Furthermore, the governor proposed significant and overdue reforms to some of the state’s most expensive programs: Medicaid, education and prisons, in order to improve both the quality of their services and their value to taxpayers.

The common thread to Gov. Kasich’s budget policy—and his policy agenda overall—is a ceaseless drive to create jobs. When the governor signed the State of Ohio’s FY2012-13 budget on June 30, 2011, after his proposal was improved through a successful partnership with the General Assembly, Ohio took a major leap forward to renew its fiscal stability, reform antiquated government programs and revive its economy.

Eliminating the Death Tax: The budget eliminates the Death Tax, providing more than $300 million in tax relief annually and helping farmers and small business owners keep cherished enterprises in the family from generation to generation.

That flies in the face of what the dems are doing and want to continue doing nationally.

Or said another way, showing RINO's & leftist democrats how things should be done!

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