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Mind of an Alabama Fan


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Just thought we should devote a thread to seeing who can come up with the best black helicopter wacko conspiracy CIA FBI illuminati seal team 6 rumor about how dirty Auburn is.

Here's a couple I picked up from an earlier thread to get us started.

I saw a picture of Dr. Dre and he had on an Auburn hat.

The picture was from the 90s. He probably got it from Pat Dye.

Hey, Snoop used to be on the sidelines at USC. Snoop and Dre are friends.

We know what happened to USC. I bet Snoop learned that from Dre.

And Dre knows Ludacris.

And Ludacris lives in Atlanta.

Cam Newton was from the Atlanta area! BOOM! Smoking gun. We got ‘em!

"Back in the good ole days The Bear said that Auburn was a cow college, cows make milk, milk goes in cereal, you eat cereal, eating lets you live, people usually live about 80 years, in 1980 Auburn hired Pat Dye, who beat us in 1982, subtract 1980 from 1982 you get 2, 2 years ago I bought my new car, my car is now dirty, so 2 is a dirty number, that must mean number 2 Cam Newton is dirty, meaning he cheated! BOOM how 'bout them apples!"


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Mind of an Alabama fan....


Hold on there, just a minute. That's going a little too far right there. The motion in this pic, would indicate that its actually being used. Sources (and first hand accounts) tell me uaters don't actually use their brains, so this just cant be accurate. Joe Schad is that you? :lol::big:

That's a huge case of misrepresentation. :lol:

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bama lost because..."

"bama beat themselves" No team ever beat themselves more than bama does. That should tell you something.

"sabear was forced by the SEC to throw the game so that Auburn could go to the BCS NC."

the perrenial claim began by Whining Gene Stallings, "The ref'rees stole it frum us." He claimed this every time Auburn beat him. . . EVERY time.

The claim they put up for years, "Becaue the NCAA wouldn't let us cheat any more." There may have been some truth to this.

And we all remember the most outrageous claim of all, "Our chach threw the game so that he could get a better job." (2002) The CFB world is still laughing about that.

i.e.; According to the Updyke Nation Auburn never really beat bammer. Yet they've lost 17 of the last 30 games. I'd be ashmed of my team if they ALWAYS been the better team but lost 17 of the last 30 games against their most hated rival. bammers aren't. They just make up more excuses.

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Lol, a guy I met at work told me that Mark Ingram layed up his entire junior season because his mom bought a multi million dollar home in Florida (in anticipation of him being drafted) and she wouldn't let him risk hurting his ankle again. He told me it was all over ESPN and the news...

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