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The Obama Campaign: Like Demagoguery, Only Dumber


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2012 budget deficit will be around $1-2 -$1.3 trillion

All this fuss over the tax cuts for the greedy, evil rich will bring in...wait for it...wait for it......$70 billion a year!

I'll be generous to the Democrats.

Let's include those oil and gas subsidies (around $10.5 billion a year)

corporate jet loopholes provision ($300 million a year) they've talked about so much.

Taxing private equity fund managers' gains as ordinary income, instead of as capital gains as is done now ( $2.2 billion a year)

Foreign Banks loophole: ($6.9 billion a year)

$1.2 trillion budget deficit minus around $90 billion in new tax revenue = :icon_thumbsdown:

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