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OT: Verified Members / New Members Please Read


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We have some new faces around here (Welcome!) so I thought I would post a reminder ...

The ability to create topics is restricted for those with less than 50 posts. You can reply to existing topics, just not start new ones. This is done for two reasons:

  1. It curtails drive-by trolling
  2. It allows new members time to acclimate themselves to the ways and rules of the board

Once a member reaches a 50 post count, they will automatically be promoted to "Verified Member" status,  which now, includes this nifty badge:


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I guess it is better to be verified than crucified!

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1 minute ago, im4au said:

Another long time reader here.

I had no idea I had so many posts.  I used to go to HS games in Atlanta and posted about talent I saw.  None are currently in O&B, although one of my "finds" is on the runway in New York as a male model.

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I ask.....What is a young fart? (silent but deadly!)

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