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FAU v Auburn Game Thread


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Rule #1:

No arguing or bickering.

Rule #2:

Don't police other's comments.  We will judge what is and isn't appropriate.

Rule #3:

No inflammatory remarks directed towards players, coaches, or other members.

During the game, a Mod will give a single warning, if that warning is not followed the member will be banned for 24-48 hours depending on the situation. Most of the time there is a Mod online participating in the game thread. Although, there will be times when there might not be a Mod, we do review the threads each week.

The game threads are there to enjoy AU football with other AU fans. If you feel that you are too upset, drunk, or whatever, do yourself a favor and log off.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

The Mods

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  Then let's take out some frustration on FAU. WDE!!!!!!!!!!! He's been out a long time, I was just hoping for dressed this time.  :laugh:

It was only twice, and it was two years ago. Get over it!

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Its 98 right now. Too hot, too dry, and too many longhorn fans.

92 just a little north of you. Still too hot, but a pretty nice breeze today.

Wish we were in Auburn!

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