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New BCS Standings


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We are third. Actually we are third in everything. Third in both polls, and third in every computer.

USC and Oklahoma split the computer #1 rankings, making the gap between Oklahoma and us a little larger.

I'm not concerned, I still think 2 of the 4 remaining unbeatens will be beaten (excluding Utah, cause they won't play for the natl title). And even if they don't, I believe after playing UGA and Tenn, our strength of schedule will go up considerably.


http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/abcsports/BCSStandings (here is another link if anybody does not have Adobe)

BEAT :uga: !!

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Basically, the larger gap is due to the computers. First of all, margin of victory is not a factor in the computer polls. The BCS forced them to remove that criteria. Basically the computer polls shot Oklahoma up to first or second ostensibly based on winning a road game versus a top 20 BCS opponent while our SOS took a hit with the Ole Miss game. I figured up the difference if the computers had all moved us to second and put Oklahoma at third. The difference would look like this instead:

2. Oklahoma .9447

3. Auburn .9371

In other words, we need to pick off one of the human polls as well. If the computer polls came through for us and we were to flip spots exactly with Oklahoma in the AP poll, we'd have a .9471 to .9347 lead. If instead we flipped spots exactly in the coaches, we'd lead .9480 to .9338. Again, this is based on the point totals in each poll reversing exactly. There are almost infinite combinations to play with though.

We should regain that SOS differential if we beat Georgia and if UT and LSU continue to win and climb the poll. Then, we'll get another boost if we beat UT in the SECCG.

But what's really got to happen is that Oklahoma or USC drop a game. There's a slim possibility that we could overtake Oklahoma in one of the human polls if they continue to scrape by while we win big, but that isn't likely. Main thing is, we have no chance unless we take care of our end. Beyond that it's out of our control.

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Assuming we both win out,I think its posisble to overtake OU in

the computer rankings.

Especially if all these games go in favor of the SEC:

Vols vs Notre Dame

Florida vs Florida State

Georgia vs Georgia Tech

However, if we were too overtake OU in computer rankings, I think

it'd be by a pretty small margin. Still would need some major shifting

in human polls. I just don't see that happening. Humans don't like

to change their ordering without losses.

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i still don't see how OU climbed up so much in the computers. there computer rankings were so low the last two weeks, and now they are tied for number one? bcs is crap, but I think that we will move up in the human polls if we beat UGA. if we don't then we need to pray for a loss from Ok or USC.

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"Our" sin in the human polls was to start out 17th. Pollsters don't like to tacitly, even subconsciously, admit to mistakes.

Maybe there ought to be a rule against public polls until after week 4. (Lotsa' Luck!)


BTW, I am a very strong believer in SOS. I only hope the writers/coaches do some analyses and not vote by gut or whim or favorite or buddy or media market or . . .

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If we can't move to a playoff system, then they need to get rid of preseason polls. If you get screwed out of a NC opportunity because of how popular you were in June, that's crap. BCS is crap too, unless they implement the +1 game.

The first polls should come out the first weekend of October.

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I've been banging that drum for a while now, but it won't happen because it makes too much sense.

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Lets Look at the top three teams remaining games. Parenthesis indicates in conference records.

Oklahoma's remaining schedule:

Nov 6 at Texas A&M 3:30 PM 6-2(4-1) record

Nov 13 vs. Nebraska TBA 5-3 (3-2) record

Nov 20 at Baylor TBA 3-5(1-4) record

Big 12 championship (probably Nebraska) 6-2(4-1) record

Remaining opponents have a 20-12 (12-8) record 0.625(0.600 in conference)

Southern California's remaining schedule:

Nov 6 at Oregon State 4:00 PM 4-4 (5-1) record

Nov 13 vs. Arizona 3:30 PM 1-7 (0-5) record

Nov 27 vs. Notre Dame 8:00 PM 5-3 (no conference) record

Dec 4 at UCLA 4:30 PM 5-3 (3-2) record

No championship

Remaining opponents have a 15-17 (13-8) record 0.469(0.619 in conference but ND does not play in a conference)

Auburn's remaining schedule:

Nov 13 vs. Georgia TBA 7-1(5-1) record

Nov 20 at Alabama TBA 5-3(2-3) record

SECCG (probably Tennessee) 7-1 (5-1) record

Remaining opponents have a 19-5(12-5) record 0.792(0.706 in conference)

Based on the remaining opponents we have the toughest schedule remaining. That should give us a boost in the computers and maybe the human polls.

Oklahoma may struggle with Texas A&M and Nebraska is starting to play better but should be no match at least the first game. They may give Oklahoma a better game in the championship game but I expect Oklahoma to win out.

USC has an Oregon State team that looks good in conference but should lose to USC. Notre Dame will be a tough game as it is kind of like the Iron Bowl where two hated rivals compete. UCLA is not a bad team. I still see USC winning out but maybe a few close games.

Auburn has to get by a top ten Georgia team and if we can pull out that game I see us winning out against Alabama and Tennessee. The second Game with Tennessee will be much tougher than the first game and we will have to play with our A game in all three games to win.

What does this point to? We really need OK or USC to lose one game or struggle in a couple with Auburn winning all convincingly.

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I would like to see Texas lose this weekend to OSU. That should take away from OU's SOS slightly. Heck, whoever OU and USC have beaten, I'm cheering against right now.

LSU is starting to creep back up the polls as well, thats good news for us. Hopefully a win over UGA and UT won't knock them too far down in the polls. If I were voting, I wouldn't penalize UT for losing to the same team 2x. Same thing with UGA last year... they shouldnt have dropped at all (at least not so far) after LSU beat them in the SEC Championship game.

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