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to anyone who resembles the ilk of "whooping impetigo"...

"You better HOPE and you better PRAY that your team and its fans survive the colonoscopy that is long overdue your own house. You have had us as a perfect model to repeatedly witness how it's done with genuine humility, perseverance, and class."

It keeps coming because it sells.

It keeps being ramped by "third parties" in the name of "deflect and defer."

The only answer and the best one is to preach the facts, preach the facts, preach the facts and counteract at every level. Go legal where possible. People may be more interested in sleeze, but sleeze gets old when the facts continue to pour forth by a united front--leaders and fans. Don't miss a moment to call out and attempt to educate even the most ignorant. Put THEM on the defensive...it feels great! Don't need the last word, just get it out there.

Won't it be something if all of our undeserved scrutiny inspires folks elsewhere to become EXTREMELY careless? The fall will only be harder. When you have NOTHING to hide, you have nothing to worry about in the long run. But in the case of those who do...it's not going to be pretty. And every DOG (or pachyderm) has its day.

Chop wood, chop wood, chop wood...

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Toragirl, all I can say is, ITZG82B, thanks and this should be moved to Classics.

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