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My first block on twitter


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Tweeted last week about Hillary showing up at her 1st post collapse campaign rally, & how it didn't draw very many... got MANY likes & retweets from a host of Trumpsters & Deplorables. A few days later, I see this tweet by one of my new " fans " which shows a very poorly edited vid of Obama claiming to have been born in Kenya. So I said as such, saying it looked edited/ faked - her reply? 

" Obama stutters ". 

 I am guessing that's supposed to explain the poorly edited audio? 

 My response was simply going to be "really?" I wasn't expecting this to be a serious issue.  But now I am blocked, and can no longer see any such jewels of wisdom from said Twitterer. 

 I am now wondering if this isn't actually a Hillary supporter, trolling as a Trump fan. 

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1 hour ago, AURaptor said:

Tweeted last week ...

That's probably the problem!  :rolleyes:

- - - - - - - - - -

Just joking, of course.  You are certainly free to be part of the Twitter universe if you wish.

However, I wouldn't look for any logic or reason in that universe.  Based on athletes tweeting stupid things, celebrities engaging in ridiculous cat fights, politicians trying to explain a complex issue in 144 characters or less, and the vast assortment of crackpots, paranoids, narcissists, and haters that use it as an open platform for their thoughts, I view Twitter as a useless morass that contributes to the dumbing down of our society.

Which is not to say there aren't some sane and rational people on Twitter, even perhaps you.  Just that I wouldn't put much stock in anything that anyone says there or any reactions invoked. <_<

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