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A Look at the Current Coaching Staff


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Put Russell in the Get Em out of Here category.   Non-contact, soft tissue injuries abounding in key players makes me think he's fit for high school duty

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8 hours ago, AUDevil said:


Travis Williams

Kevin Steele

Rodney Garner (major improvements last couple of years out of him)



Tim Horton (is he really responsible for ST's?...keeps him from the great category)

Greg Brown

Chip Lindsey (could be in the Meh category...not sure where he ends and Gus begins)



Larry Porter (we have TE's?)

Ryan Russell (Awful lot of injuries)


Get em Out of Here

Kodi Burns

Herb Hand


my only one is Larry Porter....He  is a very good recruiter and should be working with the RBs of which is his specialty.  I would place him in the good group. Lindsey should be in the Meh group.

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2 hours ago, AUcivE09 said:

Russell, Hand, Gus, and Burns all need to go. Saddens me for Burns but he needs to get his training elsewhere.

Not me .burns is not a D1 coach at anything 

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