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2 minutes ago, AUsince72 said:

UT IS the Alabama of that state.  I don't mean that negatively.... My point is that EVERYBODY in TN is a UT fan.  Vandy is not even "little brother" in the state.  The only Vandy fans are grads, family and friends.  There's no history for Vandy like Auburn has.  When you consider that Auburn IS the "little school" in the state it's actually VERY remarkable just how good Auburn has been over history, thus Auburn does at least have a fan base beyond just grads, family and friends.  There are fans of Auburn because they like their history and how Auburn people typically project themselves vs bammers.

My point is, to be a successful HC at UT and to bring them back to prominence would catapult one to a similar "god like" status that saban enjoys in the state.  UT is a VERY attractive job, last year's dumpster fire notwithstanding...  I can't speak for it's financial resources but I've been to several UT games in Neyland Stadium due to my wife's family and the experience is awesome.  Those people are hungering for good football again.  My guess is Fulmer will allow Pruitt to be a stop-gap and if he wins? Great.  But they're looking to the future and I suspect Fulmer's trying to clean things up in house to prepare for their next "splash" HC hire.

I just hope it doesn't take us 10-12 years to start hungering for the same. Amazing how they just kinda let themselves go.

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Just now, AUwent said:

I just hope it doesn't take us 10-12 years to start hungering for the same.

100% in agreement.

Though I DO like UT, I don't have any passion for them so though I have some knowledge of their situation, which I shared, I don't really care that much.

AUBURN on the other hand?  BETTER GET THEIR **** TOGETHER ASAP!!!!!!

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24 minutes ago, AUwent said:

Amazing how they just kinda let themselves go.

To answer that, I'm not sure that they did "let themselves go" so much as they had a run of bad luck.

They get screwed over by Kiffin, and did hire two hot coaches, at the time, in Derek Dooley & Butch Jones.  The mystery is why those two ended up so bad.  Perhaps there's an inner culture problem in the program.... again, I think that's why they went back to Fulmer.  They feel like he can clean up the program.  Maybe he can, maybe not but it's probably a good step IMO.

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Best case scenario: We send Gus to Saban's coaching clinic and maybe make him intern there to see how a program is ran. Greene tells Gus that he is hiring Freeze as the OC, and he has full reigns. We pay KS a ton to stay. 


Most likely Scenario: Gus is here until 2019 or 2020, gets canned, costs us a lot, and we hire Muschamp who has just wrapped up his 5th or 6th straight 8 win season. 

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2 hours ago, doug3020 said:

Wasn't Heupel fired from OU as OC and replaced by Riley? I haven't researched his resume too much. Not sure how his offenses did at Utah State. What exactly do you like about him?

Ya Heupel and the other OC guy were sacrifices for that season. This is the time period when Stoops was coming under fire.

OU tried to do the running QB thing, but had injuries so Stoops didn't buy fully into it. The defense was worse than the offense, but who is Stoops going to fire? Heupal or his brother?


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