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Meghan McCain corners Women’s March organizer Tamika Mallory over her praise of Louis Farrakhan


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In a heated series of exchanges on Monday, The View’s Meghan McCain cornered Women’s March organizer Tamika Mallory for her ebullient praise of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and her refusal to condemn his long history of making anti-Semitic statements.

Co-host Sunny Hostin pointed out Farrakhan’s well-known reputation for anti-Semitism and homophobia and asked Mallory, who recently referred to the black leader as “the greatest of all time”, if she understood why that association is “quite problematic” for “an organization that says it fights bigotry.”

Yeah, this pretty much had to happen. While I wholeheartedly embrace the concept and goals of the Women’s March, their supposed leaders are a hilarious embarrassment. 

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15 hours ago, AUDub said:


Yeah, this pretty much had to happen. While I wholeheartedly embrace the concept and goals of the Women’s March, their supposed leaders are a hilarious embarrassment. 

I do not understand how these women got to be the leaders. Sarsour et al are borderline whackadoodles on average. Embracing Farrakhan is just crazy, there is little good in the man. MM is right and the women there are flat out lying about this never being a problem. I love how the black woman would not say she disagreed with Farrakhan. She simply did not support his words....






To be fair, the leadership in the last article plainly figured out that they had screwed up embracing some really radical groups at first that they have since broken off with. To be able to include more women, they did EVENTUALLY realize that some were there just to criticize Trump and that was all. They have changed direction and are looking to embrace ALL women. To do that, they had to basically run off some of the more radical elements. Was it too little,too late?

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Prolife Women Groups were removed from Women's March. Seems there is more than little lying going on here.




A few days later, however, word got out that another anti-abortion organization, And Then There Were None, was also included on the Women’s March official list of partner organizations. It was quietly removed soon after that.

Women’s March organizers didn’t respond to a question from Vox about why the March made twosuch errors, if they were in fact errors to begin with. To be fair, though, the march was a massive event that was pulled together by volunteers on short notice, and the organizing process was often chaotic.

Either way, it was a bit of a public-relations mess, and caused a lot of consternation especially in conservative circles. Writing for The Week, Damon Linker went so far as to claim that the march was “excluding pro-life women.”


The cancellation takes place against a backdrop of controversy, as leaders of the national Women’s March have come under fire for their ties to Farrakhan, whose Nation of Islam is considered an anti-Semitic hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

BTW, the only mention of Jews on https://www.womensmarch.com/principles/

is here:

We believe Gender Justice is Racial Justice is Economic Justice. We must create a society in which all women—including Black women, Indigenous women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Jewish women, Muslim women, Latinx women, Asian and Pacific Islander women, lesbian, bi, queer and trans women—are free and able to care for and nurture themselves and their families, however they are formed, in safe and healthy environments free from structural impediments.

There is no denunciation of hate or of Farrakhan or the Nation of Islam on site nor in the downloadable pdf.

There is no mention of Jews or Israel or Condemnation of Anti-Semitism except that sited above.

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