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The Loser Bowl


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The early game today of note was a battle against 2 (usually) powers in the Loser Bowl.

Hot Seat Harbaugh and his morbid Michigan vs Failing Franklin and his loser Lions.

After a hard fought 4 quarters, Michigan won the Loser Bowl by losing to the Natty Nittnies.

Franklin is not on the hot seat. His buy out is huge and his record until this year has been good. Harbaugh, however, pants on fire. I aurgued before the Big10 season began that I thought Michigan PTB would just let his contract expire after next season, but not fire him now. But the Woeful Wolverines have been so terrible this year that the PTB up there may decide to go ahead and axe him. Because the team still has mortal enemy Ohio State to come, with zero chance of winning that game, and Whoreboy has never beaten THEosu.

Of course, fans were delighted about Michigan's "win" today in the Loser Bowl, as it offers more ammunition for getting rid of that azz.


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