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Out of the Plains they rode...

Guest Tigrinum Major

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Guest Tigrinum Major

...a band of brothers, on steeds that breathed fire and farted ashes. They rode and rode, into the marshes of Mississippi and into the delta, until they began their ascent into the hills that are ruled by hogs (and their husbands.) And still they rode, farther than anyone should be expected to ride, until they reached the land of Razor and Roll Backs.

In legendary circles, they are known by many names...predators, champions, conquerors, vanquishers of even tidal forces...but we simply call them...Tigers.

And their leader had but one thing to say to the leader of the Hogs, known as Nutt, "I'm comin'... and I'm bringin' the Predator with me."

Let's get it on.

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