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Q&A With David Irons


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Q&A With David Irons

Have you been talking to your dad a lot lately?

“I talked to that bean head last week. He’s pretty wired. He says that

we’re playing pretty good football on the field, but when it comes to

College Football 2006 (video game) he says we suck on the game and

we’re not doing too good. He says I’ve given up about 10 touchdowns

already on NCAA. He says that Kenny has fumbled about 10 times. He

said when he went to the championship game he played Texas and Kenny

fumbled three times on the goal line and Vince Young ran me over. He

gets mad about the video game, but with real life we’re doing good.

With the video game he says, ‘Don’t come back home. I don’t want to

see you all because you’re not doing too good. You’re messing up my

dynasty team.’ I’m like, ‘All right, Dad.’ My dad gets kind of crazy,

it’s cool though.”

Do you get your charisma from your dad?

“I get it all from him. He gave me all the trash talk. Kenny doesn’t

really talk trash. He’s just quiet. That’s the only reason I play

good. If I talk trash and talk to people I play good. If nobody is

talking back to me I feel like it’s a boring game. If you talk trash

to me that pumps me up. The wide receiver from LSU, I said something

to him and I was hoping he’d say something back. If they hadn’t said

anything back it would have been boring and I would have been out

there just running around. But once they something back like, ‘You

ain’t nothing.’ I’m like, ‘Okay. I’m not nothing.’ But when I jammed

them up a couple of times they were like, ‘Where were you last

year?’ ‘I told them I tore my ACL. I just like to let people know

where I’m at.”

Do you and Kenny have any competition with stats?

“I just tell him to keep running like that and keep on running to the

jungle. I told him I’d buy him a seesaw and monkey bars so he can

swing around like a banana tree. He’s doing real good running to his

jungle. I told him the end zone is his zoo and if he runs to the end

zone he can be with all of his little animal friends. I just told him

to treat the football like a banana. You treat the football like a

banana and you won’t let anybody at the zoo take your banana peel. He

was like, ‘Yeah, that’s true.’ And I was like, ‘Kenny, but it’s not

yellow, it’s brown. Just think of it as an old banana and you’ve had

out for weeks like you did at the house and it’s turned brown. Run

with it and don’t let people strip it.’ He’s been running like a crazy

wild child.

Do you think he looks like a monkey?

“He looks like somebody hit that kid 10 times. When Halloween comes

around on Monday, he’s already got his costume. He’s already himself.

I hope when kids come up to the door they don’t get too scared. I’m

going to hang him up somewhere on the wall so everyone can see our

Halloween decorations.”

Is there anybody who talks more trash than you on this team?

“There’s nobody. The whole team gave me the award. It’s pretty cool.

I’ve been doing it since little league. My little league coach was

like, ‘David, when are you ever going to shut up’ Ask my high school

coach. He says, ‘All you do is talk junk.’ I went to one of my high

school games and he asked if I was still talking trash. He was

like, ‘When are you ever going to shut up? One day somebody is going

to blind side you and you’re going to shut up.’ I was like ‘Yeah,

somebody is going to blind side me on a play and you better believe

I’m going to shut up. I’m not going to say anything. I’m going to be

looking both ways. I’m just having fun and living the dream.

Hopefully, I can do this again next year. At the end of the season

I’ll see how things go and if I come back or not.”

How do you approach this year not knowing if it’s your last season?

“That’s why I take every game seriously out there. I’m fighting for

the seniors out there and I’m fighting for myself, too. Coach Chizik

told me last year that he was going to have me for two years before I

got hurt. I’m just playing like I’m a senior and just going out like

it’s my last year playing college football, which is a dream for me.

I’ll have to wait until the end of the season, talk to the coaches and

go from there.”

Do you have to wait until the end of the season?

“I’ll have to see how things go. Hopefully, I can come back. If not

I’ll go to the zoo and work at the zoo or something. I could give my

brother free tickets.”

Did you clown on Skyler Green Saturday?

“Skyler Green said something to me, I forgot what he said. I was

like, ‘You’re sorry. You only get special plays. You don’t do nothing

special, you just run bubble screens. How hard is that to run out in

the flats and run bubble screens? Anybody can do that. You’re all

right, but you’re not fast like everybody said you were. If you were

really good then come out on an island with me so I can show you what

it’s really about. Ask No. 3 (Craig Davis) and No. 80 (Dwayne Bowe)

about me. He was saying this and that. I asked No. 3 and he was

like, ‘Skyler Green got mad last week because he didn’t get any

touches so the coach has to get him some touches this week’ I was

like, ‘Oh yeah, I found out the truth.’ Their receivers respect me so

it was pretty cool.”

Has anybody ever shut you up?

“Nobody has had a good comeback on me. Even though when I messed up

against Calvin Johnson when I came up and bit on the route and he

scored, he came up and was like, ‘Man, you’ve got a good jam. I really

can’t say anything about you. You all are physical in the SEC.’ He was

cool about it.”

Who is the best trash talking receiver in the SEC? “No one has really

done anything to me in the SEC, so they really can’t say anything to

me. I don’t think any of them are funny yet. I just like making jokes

with them.”

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