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in texas


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War Eagle Guys,

I live in Ozark, but my company has sent me to

Ft. Hood for training for 30 days so I can train

our soldiers at Ft. Rucker. I'm a season ticket

holder (sec. 11, row 11) and have a daughter that's

a freshman at AU. My family will be at the game Sat.,

but I'll be here in Texas with my 2 bammer coworkers.

On Saturday, ya'll that are going to the game, take an

extra minute or two before the game and just soak up

that special atmosphere that is Auburn University on

Football Saturday!

I wish I was there.

Also, I drove to Austin last weekend and got into

U of Texas stadium, they have a jumbo tron that sits

in the endzone and is as wide as the football field and

about 30 or 40 ft. high! The rest of the stadium inside

or out doesn't compare to Jordan-Hare.

Sorry about the long ramble.


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I'm from Ozark and Tech. Rep. at Ft. Rucker.

How about you?


you need to hook me up with a job :D ...got laid off about 2 weeks ago from my job...and i'm running out of money fast...i need some local hook ups here in Dothan...its all about who you know here...and unfortunatly, i don't know too many big people :(

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