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Bama extends proverbial olive branch to cajuns


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Way to go Mal!

Bama extends proverbial olive branch to cajuns

In an effort to stop the PR bleeding that Saban has taken recently regarding his use of a word that may or may not be offensive to cajuns, Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore announced this morning that the Tide’s November 17th game against Louisiana-Monroe will also be ‘Coona$$ Appreciation Day’.

Moore had this to say about the decision,

“In light of the recent media uproar over Coach Saban’s comments, we felt like this would be an excellent opportunity to show a little good will towards the residents of Louisiana. You all know that the only reason these people are pissed at Saban is that he came to Alabama in the first place, not for calling their people ‘coona$$e$’. Personally, I think they just need to get their panties out of a wad. Plus we’re gonna need some of their recruits if we’re ever gonna turn this thing around here.”

“At first, we were gonna have Coona$$ Appreciation Day at the Ole Miss game, but we were afraid The Ogre would try and mess with Saban’s angel wings.”

Moore went on to say that free coon-skin caps and corndogs were gonna be given to the first 1,000 coona$$e$ that arrived wearing shirts.

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