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Savage injured


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Auburn cornerback Aairon Savage suffered an apparently serious knee injury near the end of Monday's practice. He landed awkwardly on his foot while defending a pass and immediately let out several loud yelps of pain. . Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville cautioned against speculation and said Savage was being evaluated and might be taken to a hospital if needed.

If Savage's injury is serious, it would be a major blow to Auburn's secondary, which is probably the thinnest part of the team. We'll have more if and when it becomes available.

Tuberville shed absolutely no light on the status of freshman safety DeRon Furr.

Furr missed Sunday's practice and was not there Monday. Furr's father told the Press-Register that his son had academic obligations and was studying for an exam. Furr's absence was apparently unexcused as Tuberville said he "hadn't seen him" and pronounced him AWOL.

Keeping my fingers crossed it won't be serious--we don't need to lose his experience in an already thin secondary, and we don't need to lose DeRon there either!
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Can anyone with "inside information", or any REAL information please keep us posted on here? I really hope that this is just a sprain or a strain or something and not a torn ACL........


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