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LEAKED: Obama VP-Vetting Question List

24 August 2008

DENVER, COLORADO: Aides (on the condition of anonymity) have provided The New York Times with the questions used in the vetting process.

Despite secrecy measures reminiscent of the Bush-Cheney administration, a list of questions, allegedly used to screen potential running mates for Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama, has leaked to the news media from a source close to Caroline Kennedy, the leader of his vice presidential search team.

Until now, however, little was known of the process used to determine Sen. Obama’s choice.

Here’s the list of questions that Ms. Kennedy’s search team reportedly used to narrow the list of potential Obama running mates.

A. What’s the longest time you have ever been able to stare directly into the sun?

B. Which is more comfortable for you, bowing or kneeling?

C. Do you have any firmly held convictions?

D. If you answered ‘Yes’ to question #3: Are you willing to forsake them for the honor of serving with President Obama?

E. Which sounds like a better first line in a speech?

1. My fellow Americans…

2. People of the World…

F. If a crying baby falls to the floor of an abortion clinic, but no law is there to protect it, does it make a sound?

G. Choose the correct ending to this sentence: “I want to be vice president to…

1. fix America’s deep flaws, to atone for the sins of her past, and to help set a course away from our shameful history.”

2. serve the greatest nation under God that the planet has ever seen, out of gratitude for the freedom and opportunity she has granted me, and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

H. If you chose the second answer to question #7, are you sure you aren’t on Sen. McCain’s short list instead?

I. What do you think is the worst evil in the world? (Choose 3 correct answers.)

1. Radical Islam

2. Unequal distribution of America’s obscene wealth

3. Provincial attitudes that keep us from talking with our so-called ‘enemies’

4. The United States of America itself

J. In the course of serving as Vice President, you may be required to attend funerals of respected world leaders to pay tribute to their lives of service. Are you willing to travel to all of the following: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela?

The above was received in an e-mail. Therefore I cannot proved a link. So kiss it arnold & rr.

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