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I'll pay my debts!

Tiger Al

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Posted on: Dec 8 2003, 05:22 PM

TigerMike and I already have a Toomers Drugstore lemonade bet on this matter, but I'd love to open it up to anyone else who'd like in on it.

The bet: Howard Dean will be the next President (of these United States, for all of the smartasses!!!).

The ante: One glass of Toomers finest lemonade which the losers (that would be the Bush-lovers) will buy for the winner (winners if my fellow Democrats decide to join in) at a time convenient to all parties involved, possibly the AU/UGA game, if it is after the election and there are no shenanigans again in Florida.

Put your money and your lemonade where your mouth is!!! 

Since Howard Dean's candidacy came to an end today, I have officially lost the bet I made with Tigermike.

Tigermike, you tell me when you'd like to get together to collect your prize and I'll do my best to meet you at Toomers Corner Drugs.


We can make it double or nothing with a new bet, that being that the Democratic nominee will win the general election in November to beat George W. Bush.

Your choice.

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