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Deficit and Debt reduction


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What realistic or at least feasible ideas should be considered or passed to reduce the deficit and the debt?

I would personally like to see The Fair Tax, but it’s not going to pass anytime soon.

We are all going to feel an even bigger pinch than our current one whether it be: layoffs, furloughs, reduced benefits, higher taxes, diminished wages through inflation, etc.

A Utopian plan, even if there was such a thing, would not solve our long term fiscal problems without someone going through pain. These problems aren't going away and they continue to be put off and delayed.

Congress can't be trusted or depended on for much, so at the same time I don't have my hopes up that they will attempt to correct these problems in a timely manner.

So yeah, this could pretty much be taken as a useless thread, but if you want to throw out any ideas or comments, have at it.

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Just like us, the government must no spend more than it takes from us. I say cut most of the handouts. People need to be motivated to have personal responsibility. Foreign aid=gone.

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