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Spring Practice 2011 - Day 9


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Better late than never. Updates from the Beat and beyond...

The biggest news from earlier is that LB Jessel Curry and S Ryan Smith remain on the team and are working through some “personal issues,” which is why they haven’t been practicing.

Curry, when asked via a Facebook message if was planning to transfer, said Chizik is correct and that the coach will decide whether or not he gets back in good status with the team.

- Practice No. 9 of 15 is in the books. Chizik said the first half of workouts were geared at cleanings things up, while the second half was used for a half-scrimmage. The team will have a full-scale scrimmage similar to last weekend’s this Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

- Chizik likes what he’s seen out of offensive lineman Aubrey Phillips, who is back on the team as a walk-on two years after an undisclosed medical issue prevented him from playing. “I feel like on the field, it’s moving fast, there’s a lot of moving parts, but I think he’s done some things to indicate that he wants to be better,” Chizik said.

Read more from AB:http://www.wareagleextra.com/2011/04/06/tigers-clean-things-up-have-half-scrimmage-in-9th-practice-of-the-spring/


**Quindarius Carr said he's working at Terrell Zachery's old wide receiver spot.

**Defensive lineman Dee Ford is ready.

"There's not going to be an excuse we're a young team," he said.

"I know the hard work I've put in the last two years is about to pay off."

Read more from Goldberg: http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2011/04/auburn_notebook_on_the_status.html

- Chizik had this to say on injuries: "Saturday is going to be practice 10. I think we've got the normal beat up, bumped and bruised that everybody else has at that point in time int he spring. But overall, pretty pleased with where we are health-wise, because it's been physical. We've done a lot of contact, but I think they've held up real well...Off the top of my head, (Ed Christian's) struggling health-wise, as you know. Other than that, it's ... most everybody is intact."

- Daren Bates wants to put on about 10 more pounds. He's at 210 right now but he wants to be about 220. To do so, he has to drink three Muscle Milks a day, even though he doesn't like the taste. He just wolfs them down. Other than that, he says he's just eating everything in sight. That includes steak outings to defensive coordinator Ted Roof's house, where he tries to eat "at least three."

- Running back Onterio McCalebb is finding life as a grizzled veteran on a young offense a bit odd: "It’s kind of weird, because I never thought it would come to a point like this, where I’m having people look up to me and ask me questions about the offense and stuff like that."

Read more from AUBlog: http://www2.oanow.com/blogs/aublog/2011/apr/06/au-notes-vanilla-ice-was-your-time-edition-ar-1681188/


- Kenneth Carter’s rise to prominence.

I’m always intrigued by how kids deal with the change from high-school star to college reserve. It’s a humbling thing for most kids in that situation. One guy who didn’t struggle with that transition, at least to this point, is Carter. He played behind Nick Fairley last season (as the fifth DT) and now has a clear shot at a starting job this fall. Here’s what he said about his transition from Greenville HS to Auburn: “My role at Greenville, I had to be `that’ guy on the D-line. I was the biggest, strongest and I did know the game more. Right now, I’m playing a role.”

Read more from JGT: http://madvertiserblogs.com/HABOTN/2011/04/06/late-wednesday-notes/

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In off the field news...

Judge found sufficient probable cause in hearing today. Cases of four ex-players charged with robbery bound over to Circuit Court.


Antonio Goodwin waived his right to a prelim hearing. McNeil, Mosley and Kitchens appeared in court.


Next step: Case will be presented to grand jury for indictment. Next grand jury in Lee County seated May 2.


If players are indicted by grand jury, three of four are eligible to apply for youthful offender status.


Circuit Court would rule on youthful offender status after consultation with probation office. Prosecutors would be able to offer objections


Victims and family were present but did not speak to media. Defendants left thru side door to avoid media horde.


Bond was amended to allow Kitchens and Goodwin to travel to Georgia and Mosley to Arkansas.


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