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Appalachian State Alternative Unis


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Apologize if these uni-topics get old, I'm a self-proclaimed uni-nerd. I just love new uniforms...

Anyways, App. State has released their 2012 alt unis. Personally, I hate Nike's 'flywire' technology they use on the sholders, as well as the colars (like most of the NFL teams are using now). It just looks tacky.



Not bad. Nike-template though...





LOVE the "Yosef" throwback logo. Reminds me of our Sailorcap Aubie. Pants are pretty nice. Helmet, not the biggest fan of yellow with a brownish-black stripe, but I like this one.

Just got to wait and see how it looks on the field.

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I wonder if at any point the bootleggers, mountain men or whatever a "Yosef" is will become offended and they'll have to change their mascot to a colored animal (ie. black bear)?! ;)

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