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2013 NCAA Recruiting Calendar


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Just wanted to post the NCAA Recruiting Calendar for tne next few months...I know I always have questions about when recruiting season kicks off, dead and quiet periods, etc.

(1) January 4-6, 2013, all junior college prospective student-athletes who intend to enroll midyear: Quiet Period

(2) January 6, 2013: Quiet Period

(3) January 7-10, 2013, Dead Period [except for (a) below]:

(a) Institutional staff members may have contact with a

prospective student-athlete who has been admitted for midyear

enrollment, provided the prospect has signed a National Letter

of Intent or other offer of admission and/or financial aid to

attend the institution and is required to be on campus to attend

institutional orientation sessions for all students:

(4) February 3, 2013: Quiet Period

(5) February 4-7, 2013: Dead Period

(6) February 6, 2013: National Signing Day

(7) February 8 through April 14, 2013: Quiet Period

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Good info. It looks like we can't really get into the meat of it until Jan. 11th. That gives us 23 days, until Feb 3rd, to firm things up.

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ummm ... does the "easier to understand" version not have dates and "easy" color coding not match up????

now i really am confused!

just poking at you E

I agree. The calender showed Jan 1 on Tuesday and agree the non matching dates and color was as helpful as a book of wet matches.
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Easier to understand version. Link

Your linked image is wrong on the NLI signing dates... it's feb 6th not feb 1st. Last year was Feb 1st.

Also, the JC signing date is Jan 19th, not 21st..

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Ok, dumb question: What is a "quiet" period?

A quiet period is that period of time when it is permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts

only on the member institution's campus. No in-person, off- campus recruiting contacts or

evaluations may be made during the quiet period.

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