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Time to rename this website?


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Just now, augolf1716 said:

Nah.................trust me you'll know when its gas

dungeons and dragons fly GIF by Geek & Sundry

You know what? I actually do believe you. Yep. I'm gonna take your word for it on this one.

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4 hours ago, McLoofus said:

To anyone unfamiliar with 64, he walks this walk. I give him crap all the time and he always keeps it very civil and respectful.

I see no need to rename anything, but if forced I would call it AU Humans, because I just see a bunch of folks acting human. 

At some point we'll have a better season and it will be all kumbaya again. 

sixtyfour is good people. we have had some knock down drag outs in the political forum where i was pretty bad and yet he still will speak to me when threads cross etc. he has humbled me in my heart a couple of times by just speaking when he could have ignored me. i cannot say anything bad about him.   

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4 hours ago, WarDamnEagleWDE said:

MediocrityfAUmily.com  Most here like and will settle for mediocrity. The way it's always been they like to say. Can't do or get any better. Know our place. 

santa is watching you just sayin.............lol

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3 hours ago, Linayus said:

Even our athletes (not just football either) speak of it as a family. Recruits constantly comment on the family feel of Auburn.

This will not be taken very well but I don’t see very many powerhouse football schools selling family to their recruits. I’ve seen Ole Miss and some other schools do it. I guess selling the perception provides a favorable advantage verses powerhouses, but at the same time, the attrition numbers aren’t stacking up to “family.” We are a football program.

If one is to say well those players didn’t become one into the “family,” now we are just sounding cultish. 

Fact of the matter is every football team forms close knit bonds within their football team. The players hang out together, they sweat together, and they learn to depend on one another. 

If we are really that much more closer knit than the rest of them, prove it. 

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