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CU Boasts He’d ‘End’ Joe Rogan In A Fight. Social Media Erupts In Mockery.

DKW 86

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Cenk Boasts He’d ‘End’ Joe Rogan In A Fight. Social Media Erupts In Mockery.

By  Hank Berrien
Uygur: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for The Young Turk Rogan: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

On Thursday afternoon, Young Turks host Cenk Uygur attacked iconic podcast host Joe Rogan and his fans for Rogan’s comments vis-à-vis the coronavirus vaccine and government mandates, tweeting, “To all the loser @joerogan fans crying over my attack on his ‘freedom’ hypocrisy & stupidity, are you guys part of the crew or do you kiss his a** for fun? I thought he was a big boy who could handle himself. If he doesn’t like my free speech, he can grow a pair & defend himself.”



An apparent Rogan fan fired back, “I’ll make a 1000 dollar donation to your trash network or your charity of choice to see you call Rogan who is not only the most successful podcast in history but also a black belt in mixed martial arts, a loser to his face.”



That prompted Uygur to boast that he would “end” Rogan, bragging, “Deal. Easiest $1,000 I ever made. You think he’s going to assault me? Sure, whatever. That’s incredibly dumb. But also wouldn’t work. I’m much larger than Joe and I’ve fought my whole life. I’d end him. But grownups don’t do that. I’ll send you the PO Box to send check to later.”


Uygur’s boasting elicited hilarity on social media.

Chris Loesch: “Your ‘much larger’ than most people. The only thing you have fought your whole life is diabetes.”


Mike Cernovich: “Hi @cenkuygur. If you’re doing charity boxing things now I’ll be glad to do some rounds. You’re much bigger than me, but I’ll risk it. I bet we can raise a lot of money. Let’s do Toys for Tots, not political charity. Two old guys in head gear and 16 oz gloves, you game?”


Brigitte Gabriel, simply, “Seek help.”


Others: “I thought Cenk advocating for sexually pleasing a horse was the most insane thing he’d ever say, but claiming he’d beat @joerogan in a fight actually tops it.”


Some other random reactions:

“I liked this tweet like 10 minutes ago. And I came back to it just to tell you I wish I could’ve liked it again. Still laughing my a**off. Thank you.”

“How can you take someone seriously who openly talks about how they would do in a fight with someone else? ‘I’d end him,’ followed by ‘Grownups don’t do that.’ Yeah, & grownups don’t beat their chests about fighting their whole lives & about how they’d be able to ‘end’ someone.”

“This guy couldn’t knock a donut out of his own mouth and he thinks he could knock out a lifelong combatant with legitimate fighting experience in Rogan, who’s also in great physical condition unlike himself lmaoooooo. That’s hilarious. He’d gas in 9 seconds.”

And a video of some supporting evidence that Uygur might not do so well:


Uygur blithely continued, (in case his audience did not understand what he was specifically referring to): “If @joerogan believes that the government violating your bodily autonomy is tyranny, then he must be furious about anti-choice Christian mullahs in this country. If he isn’t, then he’s a f***ing hypocrite sucking up to his right-wing audience out of either stupidity or cowardice.”


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Meh. They both suck. Would be funny if they knocked each other out.  

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8 hours ago, DKW 86 said:

Does anyone here think CU lays a glove on Rogan? Didnt think so.

I’m shocked. Totally shocked. You read the Daily Wire?

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exactly, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Finebaum told me one time all he cared about was if they spelled his name right. 

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