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Humor...on a Saturday Night....

DKW 86

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If you really think your life is bad, you can be thankful:

1) You are not a Texas A&M Fan. I NEVER saw what anyone saw in Fran. Never. He was without class, and now we know he has no talent. He had one good year, with Dubose's Talent.

2) You are not a :ut: fan. I heard that there is a free scrambled egg breakfast at Randy Sanders house. :lmao: There are likely to be hundreds of eggs in his front yard tommorow morn, beside the moving van, next to the For Sale signs....

3) That CTT is still here at :au: We are 6-2, I wish it were better this year, but we did replace our entire backfield. We are running on 7.5 cylinders. When we hit eight, we will be a great team.

4) You are not on the kicking teams for :au: tommorow morn. Practice will not be fun Sunday, bank on it.

5) You are not Tennessee was just named Saturday's Biggest Loser on SportsCenter.

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