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How does a TD feel, Cory Boyd?


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I think of this

After Saturday¹s stunning moral victory over Georgia, the Gamecocks officially accepted a bid to play in the inaugural Moral Bowl. Moral Bowl spokesman Marv Levy commented on just how excited they were to land SouthCarolina. ³South Carolina is a team steeped with a tradition of almost beating good teams. In fact, this is their third moral victory over Georgia in the past 4 years including last year¹s spectacular come from ahead moral victory. You can¹t go wrong with a team like that,² said levy. |

Optimism flowed from the Gamecock faithful filing out of Sanford Stadium after the 15-17 moral victory. While others might have been downtrodden, many were heard to say something never spoken by most USC fans, ³wait until next year Georgia². Interviews with several Gamecock fans provided valuable insight into the collective psyche of the supporters of the team. When asked how this moral victory was any different than the moral victories posted over Georgia with Brad Scott or Lou Holtz at the helm, one fan responded, ³well, everyone knows that when coaching Florida, Spurrier owned Georgia.² When asked how this helped South Carolina or if the fan realized that Fred Taylor, Jevon Kearse and Danny Weurfel were not going to be playing in next year¹s game, he replied, ³@#%$ and fire man, @#%$ and fire².

On the other sideline, UGA fans were having to come to grips with the fact that many of their season¹s goals were now out of reach. Head coach Mark Richt commented, ³It¹s going to be hard to get the kids to focus this week. We are 2-0, whereas we were hoping to be 1-1 with an in-conference moral victory of our own. Still, there is a lot of football left to be played and we can only hope that someone can come back and morally upset South Carolina.² As for South Carolina¹s opponent for the game, many are pointing to either Rutgers, which has now ³turned the corner² a few times the past 10 years or the University of California, which almost beat Southern Cal last year and also almost went to the Rose Bowl.

EDITOR'S NOTE: since this article was printed last season, the Gamecocks went on to an important moral victory over arch-rival Clemson, 9-13. Their opponent in the inaugural Moral Bowl ended up being the Missouri Tigers. The Gamecocks thrilled viewers both at the game and in the ESPN audience with yet another unbelievable come from ahead moral victory.

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