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a Christmas idea?


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This is the one I want. ss3401b.jpg

For those of you that enjoyed him in Full Metal Jacket or catch his weekly show "Mail Call" on the History Channel. It's the talking Gunnery Sgt R Lee Ermey doll (the salty version). Never in the history of figure collectibles has one threatened to rip off your head and “X@!#” down your neck.

He will motivate that Clinton doll (and any other liberal crybaby doll in your collection) and square his *@# away in no time flat!! Here's some of the phrases he says:

"I am Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey. I am your senior Drill Instructor."

"You just pushed my button again you sorry sack of ****."

"What in the h*ll is your major malfunction? Are you trying to be cute?"

"What in the h*ll is it going to take to motivate you any *@#!%* way?"

"Get your head out of your ***. Wake up and smell the roses numb****. You are the ******* in charge of your own destiny."

"Motivation and confidence is the key to success."

"Now drop down and give me 25 and wipe that **** eating grin off your face."

"Ooorrrahh, semper fi, do or die, hold them high at eighth and I. Let me hear your war cry ****bag. That ain't a war cry.AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That's a war cry!"

"Don't screw with my button again ********!"

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