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Prime Example of Typical Alabama fan...


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....Are Auburn fans really trying to convince anyone that their fans don't have the same type of merchandise? I see nothing wrong with people saying this.........I do want to point out that I do have a problem if you take said hatred and do damage to property or life, but to get all up in the air because someone said that they hate your school is a little childish.

I haven't seen any, not saying it's not out there, care to provide a link to where one might purchase such items?

I prefer to spend my money on items that shows my support for Auburn and not my distaste for all things Bama. I don't put much Auburn stuff on my car since I live in the Tuscaloosa area. I've seen what crazy fans can do (trees) so I don't want my car to get keyed or tires punctured. When I do put up my flags, I've even been known to take them off my car when I have to park the car somewhere in T-Town after dark. #waytoomanycrazies

I have no interest in purchasing such items, I'm just curious IF they actually exist.

Or is this more rare, like a unicorn being ridden by a genie...

There was no shortage of "My 2 favorite teams are Auburn and whoever's playing Bama" (and vice versa) t-shirts around 30 years ago when I was in school. I've never seen an "I hate Bama" shirt, though I have seen these: http://www.zazzle.com/buck_fama_tshirt-235100891823836356. Can't say that I've ever seen anyone wearing one, but I'm sure the sell a few.

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