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Just returned from Pep Rally on campus


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Just returned from Campus. The sr players and Trooper were there, it was awesome!!!!The boys are  pumped and ready to go.They want the stadium to be the loudest ever!! At the end, they came out and locked arms with us and we sang 'Lean on Me"!!! Kodi said that we were are going UNDEFEATED for this season and that we are heading to the SEC in Dec.

We need this Tiger Walk on Sat to be the largest one ever. Everyone one, other than the students, need to be at Tiger Walk!!!

  We need to believe in Coach Chizik, we need to believe in Cam, and we need to believe in this team.

The Auburn Family needs to pull totally together, stop worrying and let this take care of itself. If our wonderful Coach says that Cam is playing, we need to just put all of this in his hands and in God's and enjoy this weekend. I suspect it is going to be one of the most electric games ever played at JHS. The Auburn family is totally ALL IN!!!


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