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Tuberville on decision to go to Cincinnati


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I saw Tubs on the Dan Patrick show talking about recruits and coaches. I thought it was interesting when he said something like "a player commits to a school, not a coach. In all my years of coaching a player has never committed to Coach Tuberville. They always committ to the school."

From the way kids flip flop during the recruiting process, especially when coaching changes are made, it sure does seem like they at least partially commit to the coach(es) and not just the school.

Dan Patrick really laid into Tubs. Here is the link in case you missed it:

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"I'm over that whole winning big games and being on TV." --Tommy Tuberville just now, on why he went to Cincinnati.


I bet that got the Cincy fans giddy with excitement.

Well, once the we move into the playoff process, and the BCS gets over the automatic Big East berth nonsense, Tommy won't have to worry about it too much I suspect.

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