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5 minutes ago, au_bsci_04 said:

Shivers played all game and in the 4th.

He didn’t get one carry in the fourth even after Whitlow went down.  Martin and Miller got the carries.



6 minutes ago, au_bsci_04 said:

Asa has played a total of 5 snaps all season, but none today period

Thanks for continuing to make my point.

7 minutes ago, au_bsci_04 said:

This is a silly argument, he’s riden the frosh since game 1,

What true freshman on O gets “riden?” Schwartz is a play maker and gets maybe two touches a game. Williams, more of tbe same. 

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AUBURN was playing a pretty crappy defense today but the differencr...the offense finally responded. Lindsey needs to come up with ways to get Schwartz, Williams, Shivèrs, and Asa more involved with the offense. That was super hustle on Schwartz's part on Whitlow's fumble and Williams was unbelievable on his catch and run. Now, get ready for the next one.

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2 hours ago, thrustmaxwell said:

We're doing ok at TE, no reason to burn Gatewood's RS.

I’m triggered. 

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